What is freemales?

Steph - Director / writerFreemales is a 3x6min web series written and directed by Stephanie Jaclyn and produced by Jodie Kirkbride. After receiving funds through the Media Resource Centre in March 2016, they, along with a team of 25 Adelaide based cast and crew, shot the first thee episodes of the season.

‘I felt inspired to write Freemales after living with a friend of mine for over a year. We spent many nights over a glass of wine discussing everything from love, children, what kind of house we wanted to the etiquette of peeing in the shower, free boobing, period sex and whether swallowing semen could be considered ‘acute’ cannibalism. I hope Freemales will provoke conversation, push boundaries and serve as a hilarious insight into the lives of young women attempting to find their place in this evershifting social landscape.’ – Stephanie Jaclyn, writer/director

Freemales explores the lives of two young women caught in the social shift between the values of yesteryear and the modern views of today.

‘A ‘freemale’ is a modern woman who doesn’t allow what is considered socially ‘normal’ to dictate her life. Despite progress, the idea that a woman should be married, mortgaged and a mother by her 30’s is still extremely prevalent today. In a time where women are encouraged to work but still feel the pressure to conform to their traditional role of being a wife and mother, it’s no wonder we’re seeing a generation of young women experiencing something that can only be described as a mid-midlife crisis.’ – Stephanie Jaclyn, writer/director

After the successful launch of the first three episodes on September 7th at the Mercury Cinema, the Freemales team raised enough funds through crowdfunding site Pozible to film the next installment of their vagtastic series. In addition, the freemales team have also released their 2017 Vagalendars (vagina calendars – yes, that’s right.) 12 local females artists contributed to the Vagalendar that features a range of beautiful and unique vaginas for every month of the year! The funds raised go towards marketing and advertising of freemales and 10% of the profits will also be donated to Essentails 4 Women SA – a local charity that supports women in need.

Aside from addressing current social and feminist issues, Freemales takes aim at the huge gender gap in the film Industry. According to Screen Australia’s website, over the past 5 years only 16% of Australian films have had female directors and 23% had female writers attached. Thankfully, Screen Australia and other state film funding bodies are taking important steps towards equality in the industry. With a cast and crew predominantly made up of women, we hope Freemales can serve a small part in creating greater opportunity for females across the industry.


The Team

Stephanie - Director
Stephanie Jaclyn

Freemales is Stephanie’s first project as a writer/director since graduating with a degree in Screen Production in 2014. Over the past two years Stephanie has worked on a number of tvc’s, music videos, product shoots, short films, web series and feature films.

Jodie - producer

Jodie Kirkbride

Jodie graduated from Uni SA with a Bachelor of Media Arts degree. Currently employed by Angela Heesom casting, she has assisted in the casting of numerous TV shows, feature films, and tvc’s. Recently, Jodie has also produced a number of short films and web series

Sam - Cinematographer

Sam Steinle

Sam is an aspiring cinematographer whose credits include multiple feature films, ABC IView web series and the recently released Wolf Creek television series. He also freelances regularly on short form projects and runs his own videography service.

Lauren - Production designer

Lauren Brice
Production / Costume Designer

Graduating from Flinders University with a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Screen Production) degree, Lauren has worked as a production/costume designer for numerous student and graduate films, web series, television shows and recently, a feature film


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